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Now it is possible to download Pubg via Tutuapp. If you are looking for the best way for Tutuapp Pubg, then it is possible to download it. Go through this article to get more information about download Tutuapp through Pubg.

PUBG is really a popular game among worldwide users. This is the short form for Player Unknown Battle Grounds. Pubg game popular as FPS type games, it means here you are where against the world. In the beginning, here you will see a little complicated. But after several matches, it will be easy for you.

About Pubg

tutuapp Pubg

Pubg game comes in two modes. The first one is Classic, and the second one is arcade. Classic mode lasts 30 minutes, and it supports upto 100 players. But the Arcade mode match runs upto 5 mins with 30 players as maximum.

In the game, it included a single map. But in the latest update, here it adds the Miramar location. So players get the freedom to select battles from anyone, and there are several models included there. Players can select any of them for battle. For the Pubg game, there are popular three models as well. Those are Solo, Duo, and Squad.

  • Solo- This type of game suitable for players who like to play alone
  • Duo- Duo is for two players
  • Squad - The squad type is for 4 players

The game map continues to shrink as players pull out of their comfort zone and fight, your life begins to automatically decay when you are not in the line of the boundary.

The best thing about PUBG is that everyone has a fair chance of fighting in from the start, you have to fight with others, kill them and find your required supplies, equipment, weapons, etc. Killing them is the only option to loot their belongings.

What is the Tutu app?

tutuapp Pubg

TutuApp is one of the most popular third-party app stores, that allows you to download thousands of third-party applications with thousands of benefits. Users can freely download apps and games from here. Absolutely the process is free. Users can download the AppStore without register. It does not ask you to use ID or create ID without any messing. 

The Tutuapp store, contains the best-modded apps, tweaks, games, and many more facilities. Tutu app comes with a user-friendly interface so users can easily handle the tool and options. So users could be able to download Pubg game from here. The process is fast and easy.

Tutuapp Pubg is now available, and users can enjoy many more facilities here rather than using other apps.



Download PUBG via TUTUApp

Fortunately, now you can easily download Pubg through the Tutu app. This is a wonderful opportunity, and here you can easily download Pubg without any messing. The download process is interesting, and it is easy. You can easily follow the below instructions to download Tutuapp. Let’s follow those steps.


  1. To begin the process you have to open the Safari web browser.
  2. Then search for TUTUApp for download. You can easily download it directly from the internet. Use Tutu app apk file, it well supports easy download for your Android. (Tutuapp does not support direct download for iOS. You have to jailbreak iOS before download it.
  3. Then you have to download the Tutuapp store. It will take a few seconds. Wait for several seconds until the download finish.
  4. Now you have to navigate through settings. For that open Settings > General Settings,> Device Management > then allow “Trust TUTUApp”.
  5. Now you have to run the Tutu app. Then search for PUBG in the search bar. Tap on it to begin the download process.
  6. Wait for seconds until complete the download process.

After successfully download the game, enjoy it!

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